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Frequently Asked Questions: Training
Will my dog lose their personality if I send them to train with you?

No. This is the most common question we receive before a dog enters training. Our goal is not to modify your dog's personality only its behavior. We do this by exercise, training, and rewards. What you will get back is a calmer, more confident, and obedient dog.
If I choose to enter my dog into the Board and Train program, will they be upset to be away from me for so long?

Owners might not believe this but no! The owners have more separation anxiety than the dogs! Your dog will be too busy with the exercise, training, and socialization regimen to get homesick. Don't worry they will instantly remember you and will be happy to see you upon graduation from the course.
Do you offer a refund if training does not work?

All training programs are non-refundable. However, KCTC stands 100% behind its training. This means that we will continue to work with owners who are working hard, and following our recommendations for as long as it takes. Restrictions apply. Remember the success of the programs depends on not only us performing our job correctly, but on the owner following up on the reinforcement training and rules that we provide for them. KCTC has no way of verifying if our clients are following through with the program and information that we have provided them.
Will you provide my dog with food while they are in training or boarding at your facility?

Yes food is included in the price. KCTC uses Wholesome Brand Dog Food for all our personal and kennel dogs. Some owners prefer to bring their own food and this is fine with us as long as it is in a marked and sealed container. The price of training or boarding doesn't change if you choose to bring your own dog food.
What do I need to provide you with when I drop him off for the Board and Train Programs?

Medicine, current shot records, the completed registration form. We provide bedding, toys, bowls, food, leads, etc.
Is my dog too old for training?

A dog is never too old to learn. There are just different techniques and strategies that have to be used on older dogs. The reinforcement training and follow up training are crucial with an older dog so they don't revert back to the old ways.
Why did my dog start biting? We've had him for years and we have never seen any form of aggression before?

There are 15 types of aggression and many complement one another such as possessive, territorial, and dominance aggression. It has been our experience that, aggression is not something that truly happens overnight. A dog who is protective of food, a toy, or certain locations (the couch, their kennel, under the bed...) need to be taught immediately that acting aggressively is not acceptable. These are the initial signs that a dog will become aggressive in the future. If your dog is exhibiting this behavior contact us immediately. The longer this goes on, the greater the chance that the behavior will become more serious in nature.
Can you train my dog on an electric collar?

Yes. We can collar condition your dog. This method has received a lot of bad press because the majority of users do not understand the proper way of conditioning their dog to the collar. There are numerous types of e collars available that can deliver stimulation, sound, or vibration. During the assessment of your dog we would be more than happy to talk with you further about these systems.
I have been told that Board and Training don't work because the dog will listen to the trainer, but not to the owners upon returning back home. Is this true?

No. This is the reason we have the 90 minute orientation session on graduation day in addition to follow up sessions with your dog. From our experience dogs follow anyone that projects confidence and assertive energy. This combined with the reinforcement of rules, boundaries, and limitations will keep your dog obedient. Will they test the rules, boundaries, and limitations? Absolutely! KCTC will work with each handler/family to ensure there is consistency in their dog's follow up/reinforcement training program.
Will you come to my home for private lessons?

Of course! Depending on where you are in relation to us, we encourage private lessons in your home, so we can work on specific issues that you are having, where you're experiencing them. We typically will travel up to 30 minutes one way from Raeford, North Carolina to meet clients in their home.
How old should my puppy be to begin training?

8-12 weeks is a good age to begin training. This will ensure the puppy is potty trained and has their first series of vaccinations completed prior to training.
Frequently Asked Questions: Boarding
Can we bring our dog's bed?

Yes. KCTC provides a fleece blanket for each board or trainee. But if the owners wish to use their bedding we allow it as long as it fits in a dog crate. KCTC is not responsible for the damage to this bedding as a result of your dog ripping it or having an accident on it. We clean bedding daily as part of our daily maintenance schedule.
I have multiple dogs. Can my dogs stay in the same kennel?

Yes. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements. If this is not possible we will place the dogs in an adjoining kennel so they are next to each other.
Can I bring my dog's toys?

Yes. Try to keep these to a minimum. These toys will only be used while they are in the kennel. KCTC provides the toy's for the outside time which is the majority of the day!
My dog has special medical needs. Can I bring their medicine?

Yes. Like the food or toys just have them in a pill box or sealed container so we can place them in the medical locker. At drop off we will sit down with the owner to ensure we have the correct schedule for the administering of meds.
My dog doesn't do well in heat. What do you do with dogs such as these?

Being owners of pugs and bully breeds ourselves we understand how to care for animals that do not handle the heat well. In extreme heat we take longer kennel breaks in the climate controlled kennel in addition to having swimming pools, misters, and fans throughout the outdoor areas.
Does my dog have to play with other dogs?

While KCTC believes in socializing dogs if the owner wishes to just have their dogs separate or with their pack only just let us know at check in time.
How do you determine what play group my dog goes with?

KCTC conducts an assessment on all dogs that come to our facility. We group dogs according to energy, confidence, and temperament.
Are there people at the kennel during the evening?

Yes. Our residence collocated with our kennel so there is multiple people present 24/7.
What do you do for a sick or injured dog?

We have the Raeford animal clinic ½ mile down the street from our kennel. Before we do anything we will contact the owner to see if they want to come get their dog or if they want us to take them to the vet. Just keep in mind all costs associated with a vet visit must be paid at the time of pick up. KCTC is not liable for any medical expenses.
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