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We Help Train Your Dog
Do any of these actions describe your dog? Pulling on lead, excessive barking, nipping, knocking down children, stealing food, jumping on people, eating doors/walls, mounting humans and other dogs, dog/people aggression, yard escaping, running out doors, doesn't come when called, shyness, nervousness, digging, food/toy aggression, separation anxiety. WE CAN HELP!
KCTC Training Philosophy: KCTC believes every dog and handler combination has specific and unique needs. Our programs are designed to challenge your dog in a positive training environment. We believe in the total dog concept and focus on 4 critical areas. They are dog obedience, dog behaviorism, dog socialization, and handler training. Dog training is a team effort (dog/handler). The handler plays a crucial role in the development and progression of their dogs. KCTC will work with each handler to ensure our training techniques are understood and mastered. Upon graduation from our courses you will have a dog trainer for the life of your dog. Dog training is an investment and KCTC wants you to get the most from this investment. If you are not prepared to exercise your dog at least 30 minutes a day and reinforce the KCTC training program then these programs might not be the right fit for you.
Assessment: Free. We recommend this in order to find the best program that fits you and your dog goals and needs. Some dogs require longer or shorter amounts of training than others. KCTC will give you an honest assessment. Our courses are incremental so if you wish to further your dog's training we apply the money already spent on one training package towards the price of another training package.
Board and Train Level 1 (Basic Package):
3 Day Course. This course is designed for a dog that already has a good training base but needs work on specific issues such as pulling on the lead or recall. It is also a great refresher course.
Board and Train Level 2 (Premium Package): $300
7 Day Course. This is our basic obedience course. We work on mastering the walk, basic leash work and commands, recall on the retractable leash or long line. This is a good foundation for moving to off leash work. This course includes a 90 minute orientation session and 1 follow up session at our facility with you and your dog.
Board and Train Level 3 (Premier Package): $600
14 Day Course. This is our most intensive obedience course. We work on all the areas in the basic course in addition to basic off leash work and commands. This course includes a 90 minute orientation and 2 follow up sessions at our facility with you and your dog.
Refresher Training: $85 a day.
Puppy Kindergarten: $85 per session
This is a geared towards dogs who are not ready for an intensive obedience course. During this 90 minute session we cover dog psychology, potty training, kennel training, mastering the walk, establishing rules, boundaries, and limitations, and common puppy pitfalls. Class can be conducted at our facility or in the privacy of your home.
Private Lesson at KCTC: $75 per lesson
(Save $15 when you purchase a 3 lesson package $210)
Private Lesson at Your Home: $85 per lesson
(Save $15 when you purchase a 3 lesson package $240)
Weight Loss Program: $10 per day. We have had a lot of dog owners who have brought dogs to our center to lose weight. Upon evaluation we can set up an exercise and diet plan that will whip your dog right back into shape! This is like our board and train program in the sense that the dog will stay at our center while they are enrolled in the program. We have had dogs lose as much as 70lbs in our program! We highly suggest taking your dog to a veterinarian prior to enrolling him in our program to ensure there are no other health-related issues.
Client Satisfaction: Every dog we train is one more dog in KCTC's growing pack! Even after you take your dog back home with you, we continue to partner with you to ensure your dog is continuing to grow and develop into that perfect companion. We are easily accessible through emails or phone calls for all your questions and concerns.
Training Matrix Prices
Training Matrix
Situation B&T LVL 1 B&T LVL 2 B&T LVL 3 Private Puppy Wt Loss
Positive Motivation X X X X X X
Dog/People Aggression
Client has little time X X X
Client wishes to train dog

Client has little dog experience X X X X X
Dog is at beginner level X X X X X
Already mastered basics
Dog with confidence issues X X X X
Off leash/advanced commands
Dog needs potty training X X
Dog resists obeying you X X X X X
Professional train your dog X X X X
Dog is overweight
KCTC has had a lot of success with aggressive/red zone dogs. Before you surrender a dog please give us a call so we can work out a training solution. Often the problems are extremely simple to remedy.